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Metro Bengals Teams

Metro Bengals, Inc. provides football and cheer for youth between the ages of 5 - 13 years old.

American Youth Football (AYF) All American Division

Age cutoff for each age level is as of July 31.  All teams play at an unlimited weight for each age level.

6U - 6 years old or younger

7U - 7 years old or younger

8U - 8 years old or younger

9U - 9 years old or younger

10U - 10 years old or younger

11U - 11 Years old or younger

12U - 12 years old or younger

13U - 13 years old or younger

14U - 14 years old or younger

Equipment Requirements

All players must have the following items for the season:

  • Mouthpiece (with or without the mouth guard)

  • Practice pants with 7-piece pad set included

  • Athletic supporter/cup

  • Cleats (molded or screw-on)

Thank You To Parents!


"Supportive parents are a vital component to a successful youth sports organization. Parents, in cooperation with coaches, referees and league officials, help to establish a positive atmosphere in which our children can thrive, not only as athletes, but also as individuals. It's important that parents serve as positive role models by exhibiting good sportsmanship and exercising restraint in the face of adversity. We would like to thank our Bengals' parents for your continued support and cooperation in an effort to a successful season."

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